Established in 2017

Fira Media ® was founded by Sujay Govindaraj, an Indian based entrepreneur and a strategist with competitive business ideas and concepts. In the initial stages, the firm engaged in aggressive acquisition of the copyrights and intellectual properties.

Empowered with two decades of content and media production, with more than 400 million assets and a network of over 270 creative and software professionals around the world.

Fira Media ®, is now transformed as a pioneer in acquisition, management and licensing of copyrights and intellectual properties. With automation and resource utilization to the optimum, the company achieved in delivering high valued services and business solutions to the clients in an economical and effective manner. Fira Media ® extended its vertical in providing complete media solutions, e-commerce, digital marketing and IT related services at affordable costs encouraging individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses ensuring their growth.

Fira Media

Core Objectives


Sujay Govindaraj
Founder & CEO
Sujay Govindaraj
Katarzyna Pracuch
Content Partner
Katarzyna Pracuch