Business Divisions of Fira Media

E-Commerce & Information Technology Services

Fira Resolve

Fira Resolve™, an independent division that focus on implementation and realization of business concepts and ideas. Fira Resolve™ offers complete solutions for e-business, that covers the development of business framework, design and development of web and mobile applications, automation and digital marketing tailored to meet the needs of any business.

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Licensing & Rights Acquisition of Visual Media

Fira Images

Fira Images™, an independent division responsible for media production and operates scrupulously with the artists. Engaging in acquisition of copyrights, intellectual properties and licensing the same through our distribution channels. We ensure all our artists live a hassle free life, encouraging them to stick to their passion and stabilizing their career.

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Commercial Music Production

Fira Audio

Fira Audio™, an independent division responsible for music production that works closely with the songwriters, composers and various artists. Working with top brands and delivering world class music production for corporate and commercial projects. Our services cover legal clearances, licensing, rights management, distribution and promotion.

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Global News Service

Fira Express

Fira Express, an independent online news and information service providing quick, valid and comprehensive coverage of events and issues from each corner of world. Working with global news partners, journalists and content writers, we also license and distribute our news and media content to other agencies and clients in our network. We believe in independent…

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