3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Protect Their Intellectual Property

If you are a fledgling entrepreneur with a big idea you strongly believe can soon be turned into a lucrative business opportunity, then learn about how best you can protect that idea. The September 2009 issue of the Entrepreneurial Business Law Journal contains a paper entitled

Essential Facts Concerning Open Source Development

In the Bantu language of southern Africa, the word Ubuntu translates into the phrase “humanity towards others,” or “I am what I am because of who we all are.” In the world of open source software development, Ubuntu is the name of a Debian GNU/Linux based operating system; software engineers are clever.

Vital Information on Patent, Trademark & Copyrights

It is the truly wise man who knows what he doesn’t know. When it comes to the field of inventing which is naturally full of false hope and snake oil salesmen, this adage means everything. This article is a primer on things you should know about the patenting process, long before you invest time in…